Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Our company has been active in the promotion and sale of innovative high quality raw materials  since its establishment back in 1994.

After 25 years of experience in various industrial fields it has acquired a reliable name for the services it provides.

Due to our cooperation with some of the most well know foreign firms, GOLDCHEM is able to offer a wide range of raw material for the industries of paints & coatings, cosmetics, polyurethane foams, plastics and more.

Basic objectives of the S.D.P. is:

  • The continuous improvement of the services provided, as well as the overall operation of the S.D.P.
  • Adherence to the legislation and regulatory requirements that govern our company’s activity and the systematic compliance check.
  • Full compliance with contractual obligations and timely delivery of products to our customers.



Quality Management System

Continuous improvement

Continuous updates

Risk Accessment

Efficiency control

Quality Policy

The achievement of all the above is determined through the basic processes and procedures of the Quality Management System, which determine actions such as

  • The systematic monitoring of the effectiveness of the system, setting Quality Objectives and Key Performance Indicators which are monitored and evaluated through the annual management reviews, internal audits, etc
  • The clear identification of customer requirements.
  • The continuous monitoring of suppliers’ performance.
  • To ensure the adequacy of employees through their continuous training.
  • The documented search for causes of problems and weaknesses, to determine and implement the necessary corrective actions, to avoid their recurrence.
  • Risk Assessment and performance evaluation.

The overall implementation of the principles of the system is ensured through the continuous training of staff at all levels, with the main purpose of creating a common awareness of the relevant quality objectives and requirements of the system. All staff are called upon to strictly adhere to the above and the Quality Manager is held accountable to monitor the implementation of the Quality
Policy, which is reviewed annually.